Channeling sister+ Shaba’s Butchers split

Out in Workin’ Klass Noise.

Channelling Sister split with Shabas butchers. The idea in CS is that the music emerges from overlayers of record loops, mixer feedback, megaphone, background noises and circuit bent equipment to create trance inducer tunes, ritualistic music as soundtracking supernatural messages.

Check WKN bandcamp for more music and sounds!


Abençoada Orixás’ Index

mulher_fire cópia abençoada_culto online energy_edit

These are some tracks I’ve been working on using Brazilian tv shows, soap operas and other cultural references taken from online videos and field recording.  The audio was then registered with tape recorders and mixed with scratched vinyl loops plugged into different pedals. I also used simple beats from an old school sequencer, recorded vocals with headphones turned microphones and contact mics.

The process to produce the tracks came after images I’ve composed using evangelical propaganda art references, mixed to soap opera scenes and notions of the heavy  consumption of cheap plastic goods in Brazil in contrast to the current trends of going sustainable or trying to bring down environmental footprint.

The idea is to produce short tracks in the pop music fashion ruminating all sorts of Brazilian mainstream cultural references.

Bar & Nauj- The story starts…

artwork- album coverThis is another project I had in collaboration with Juan Biain. We have about 3 hours of 100% improvised material using a piano, trumpet, walkie talkies, type writer, accordion and an upside down bike. This is the first part of these recordings.

The idea of making a completely improvised session posed as a challenge to us. We didn´t prepare any phrase or rhythms, it just came very instinctively. I´m a self taught pianist, among other things, and I tend to revolve around the similar phrases with unlinear rhythms and repetition. The walkie talkie gave a heavy/ distorted touch to the voice.

More releases coming soon!

Paisagens sonoras- Noite de improvisação musical livre

A seca no nordeste nos desenha paisagens distópicas de sub-saara. Essa sessão de improvisação musical livre, com artistas de orientações diversas, convida os artistas e espectadores a imaginarem uma trilha para nossa realidade quente e seca, absurda ficção concreta, frustrante vida colorida mesclada de esperança. Um convite à uma noite de música de improvisação e ruído e visuais, revisitando o homo sapiens músico, livre, do começo de uma era renascida das cinzas deixadas pelo sol nordestino.

O que: Paisagens sonoras- improvisação de música livre e ruído.

Onde: Casa da Cultura, R. XV de Novembro, 56, Cruz das Almas.

Quando: 16/05/2013, 21h.

Quanto: Grátis.






Noise e visuais gig in pelourinho pelô,  teatro XVIII. 16/03, das 17 ás 21h- Free//////////////////////////\/\/\/\/\/\/////////////\\\\\\\\\\//////////\\\\\\\ I´ll be performing with my project DIAMOND   GEEZA////\/\/\////\////\\\\/\/\\\\\\/\\\\\Anti-disciplinary duo with deconstruktiv Engineering ———intersecting the non-linear. [click post for more]

electrolytic unresistors

electrolyctic unresistors cover

This was recorded with  drumpads and circuit bent casio SA5 duo. Everything was quite unpredictable, like an exorcism. Don´t mind my lack of rhythm. Don´t mind the wierd background sounds, it can´t be wierder./////\\\\\Essa gravação foi feita com um duo de drumpads e um casio SA5 transformado. Foi tudo bastante imprevisível, como um exorcismo. Não repare minha falta de ritmo. Não repare os barulhos estranhos de fundo, não pode ser mais estranho do que a peça per se.

eu peguei na terra///I touched the ground

This album was released in bandcamp in 10.2012. It´s a long ritualistic track created with 2 double decks, a flute, some vocals and one cable connected to some pedals  from the mixer to nothing. It sounds pretty noisy,  echoey, like a dystopian metallic rain./////Esse album foi lançado no bandcamp em 10.2012. É uma longa faixa ritualística criada com 2 toca-discos, uma flauta e um cabo conectado a alguns pedais do mixer para o nada. Soa bem barulhento e ecoante, como uma chuva distópica metálica.