Ceremonial Hardware- In the digital crafts prototyping Desk

The prototyping desk

As part of the organization of the space, the crafts desk was an important part as it was the moment I had to ask questions and encourage participants to share their experiences and opinions about technology, computers, multi- touching, the ways, if there were any, they thought computer interaction relates/ enables spiritual practices, and if so, what they are like. It was the moment after recording their interactions with their phones and with their imaginary technologies. Having this in mind they could develop, question and even completely change the ideas they had before while encapsulating them into a prototype. Not everyone who attended prototyped, but discussions were much more developed while on the desk and after going through all the other sections of the workshop.

Crafts materials were displayed in table with a contact mic connected to a pd- patch triggering different rec ordings of machines(self- check out, metro tones, tills, etc). The idea was to create an environment that suggested strong technological presence.

IMG_5875 IMG_5877 IMG_5879 IMG_5880

workshop_crafts_tableworkshop_detail  wrkshp_crafts2 wrkshp_digibless wrkshp_digitalbless

A sheet of paper and post- it stickers were available for those who did not feel like prototyping for some reason. They wrote their thoughts in brief sentences about how they thought technology would look like. However, during the desk time, I encouraged them to also think about how they would like technology to be and look like. It was the bit I was interested the most. Their ideas about manufactured technology of the future and how they wanted it to look like was in fact quite different, with the cliches of technology predictions completely disappearing from the spectrum. Some of the post- it were written by participants and others by me, were I documented their comments and statements.


The sentences you can read on the stickers are.

‘It will be like a green conductive goo’

‘Not required to touch the screen’

‘Brain/ thought activated’

‘Tailored to the person’


‘Like in the movies: Minority Report and Wall-E’

‘Size thin, really thin like TV and heading towards light, medium sized’

‘Everything will be mobile and embodied’


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