Ceremonial Hardware- Digital Approaches to spiritual e- tools/ De- familiarizing current gestures

De- familiarizing current smartphones and multi- touch screen gestures

As part of the workshop, I wanted to access the ways in which people use their phones and other everyday technologies through their gestures and counterpoint with the ways they thought these gestures would look like in the future.

Aggravation of multi- touching, where the screen surface precise location does not seem clear

brad1 brad2

The idea of a technology whose surface can be everywhere. Touching everywhere, not knowing where to touch. Other forms of touching applied to human bodies, such as tickling and massaging. The idea of a brain controlled device appeared here. Brad also comment about his experience with Suri app and ideas of emotional engagement with computers and its operating systems.

Surrounded by a giant multi- touch screen

A daunting experience of interacting with a gigantic, omnipresent screen. The Big Brother of the multi- touch screens where every aspect stored can be accessed in gigantic physical proportions. It can play with the idea of computers knowing more about us than what we know about them. Physically bigger than us challenges the idea of technology becoming smaller or completely embedded into everything.

chilly2 chilly1 chilly5 chilly7

Frustration & Physical contact

Counterpointing total virtuality, here physical contact still forms big part of interacting with technology. Frustration with interaction mechanisms which require very precise ways of touching or using for it to work properly. Getting use with having things performed fast gets us demanding even faster performances from the computers which will cause frustration. But they’re still not humans!

edmund3 edmund4 edmund5 edmund6

Other body parts & entering, wearing the machine

Challenging the limitations of multi- touching. Here devices could be fitted  in different parts of the body, opened, stretched, twisted, turned from digital to paper, have  a diversity of compartments. Interaction will shift from hands to more parts of the body, external and internally.

lalya1 lalya5 lalya6

Amorphous technologies & intricate handling procedures

No particular shape, here technology opens space to be imagined as pretty much anything and everything one can handle as one wants. Take it apart and make things such as shaking, twisting or looking at it in a certain way in order for it to work.

lalya9 lalya10


Technology is a person

Associating computers with human characteristics is what is going on here. A computer will not look like a person, it will BE a person.

A hardcore idea of technology being able to interpret emotions and respond to personal problems as well as enabling every kind of body need.

rene4 rene5



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