Ceremonial Hardware- Annotating the prototypes

Here I present the prototypes created during the sessions. Some were designed by me together with participants or in response to aspects they thought technology should enable.


The Tai-Chi Data visualizer

An appropriation from a scanner UV lights. This device should be used while practicing Tai-Chi and from the movements, when performed correctly will generate a relaxing landscape.This idea was proposed by Edmund Nesveda.


Awkwardness of having to learn a lot before the technology can serve your needs, what it was designed for in first place. This design challenges the idea of technological practicalities, where for the device to work the user needs to overcome a lot of technical difficulties most users are not willing to do. Ultimately, feelings of Frustration with the devices emerge.

Small medium size devices you handle, like a tool is also apparent here as surviving future predictions of total virtuality. Artificial lighting in the neon like torch and the heavy mediation of a screen interpreting data to induce different states of consciousness such as meditation is present.

The Digitalized body

A telecommunication device that can involve teletransportation or a new holographic idea of Skype calls. The bowls in the end fit in the head where only one is present and feels the presence of the other. Prototype made by Chilly Rain.






Supernatural presence responding to breathing or some kind of action that clearly demonstrates human vitality? A  breathing activated device which would follow strict parameters of  human breath classifications. Information transmitted through a physical experience and with other senses. Technology touching the body to transmit information generated by other human body. Diversity in the use of senses and aspects that characterizes us as humans/living beings.

The Helping Hand

Notions of technology performing the act of touching our body. Thinking about the idea of multi- touching as a kind of interaction. De- familiarizing it by swapping places. It would operate with some kind of emotional profile created online and through the fingerprint recognizer, the personal profiles would be loaded and the hand will perform a cuddling action accordingly. Prototype proposed by me.






A response to the discussions that happened to this point in the workshop. Participants expressed opinions that reflected a need for physical contact but also for web- based devices for technology to perform some kind of spiritual connection.

The Digestible frequencies generator station

An audio synthesizer that generates frequencies through the digestible tips to treat any kind of emotional issue, such as anxiety, nervous breakdowns, frustration or to induce other states of consciousness. The digestible tips will exist as a bridge between the technology and the person, when the sound frequency transmission is completed the tip can be swallowed. A challenge to the current approaches of technological interaction, to perceive one that goes beyond touching, seeing, speaking, hearing. It explores ideas of communicating with your mouth or by using body fluids. Aspects of the human body that consist strong characteristics of being a human or non machine. Saliva, secretions, perspiration, all could be interpreted and responded to  by technology, by reading levels of acidity, alkalinity, bacteria, etc. Inspired A technology operated by the most human aspects of humans. Normalising human aspects such as drooling or being messy as normal elements of humanity and that could be performed in public. To be manufactured in large scale, like phone charging cabinets in stations. Awkwardness and Biomusic. Prototype made by me.






In the post-it reads “Scans your aura through licking and it encodes it in baby programming language. (senses your feeling/ empathy)”

This prototype was developed after the sonic frequency generator. It explores the same idea of providing alternative to multi- touching through ‘multi- licking’. This device would interpret your licking and respond to it through ‘feeling back’ empathy or other feelings. Its utility was not very clearly finalized and the intention was to push other senses as platforms to control electronic devices, which would interpret this data and turn it into a manageable file. Prototype developed by me and Lalya Gaye.



sucksensedetail4 sucksensedetail5

The sweat activated cuddler

This device continues to challenge multi- touching and its sanitized elements. The black tip is placed under the armpit and when the user sweats the wristband moves in your arm and cuddles you. I am quite sure it cn be given other uses. Prototype created by Rene McBrearty.




More body contact. Anti- sanitised, clean design  I imagine this prototype could also be used together with someone else, where the sweat of one can cuddle the other. It interests me to think the ways this device critically reflects on  electronic mediation growing dimension, where instead of a real cuddle, a device is used for that. Or the malfunctions of a case of excessive sweat, too much cuddle or inconvenience by, well exacerbating technological convenience. Awkwardness to perform it also present.


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